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About the project - Summary The Politeia project deals with responsible citizenship in Europe, the core topics being “Life in Europe - Attitudes towards Europe”,“European decision making”, “School, Education, Skills” and “Being young in Europe today”. Responsible citzenship is an essential aspect of all these topics. Within each topic we take our starting point in the daily lives and experiences of the students and move on to social, political, educational and ecological issues. Within the topic of “Life in Europe - Attidudes towards Europe” we are concerned with the changes the EU has brought about and of the impact the EU has had on students’ and their (grand)parents’ lives. When dealing with “European decision making” we focus on recycling as an ideal topic to demonstrate the process of decision making in the EU. The next step in the project is the work on European competences: what does Europe want us to be, what does Europe want us to learn and which competences are needed in the future? Students and teachers discuss and compare national curricula and teaching methods. The final part of the project is about “Being young in Europe today” and the question how the financial crisis in Europe has affected young people in their own country, how we must learn to empathize with other countries and what responsible citizens can do to alleviate the situation. For each topic there will be detailed tasks provided by international teachers’ teams, which all the (inter)national groups work on within the same period of time. Students discuss the various issues on facebook and at project meetings. All tasks and results will be published on the Internet and thus be available to everyone. In the course of the project teaching materials are produced which can also be used by other teachers and schools.